3 Reasons to Choose Business Self Storage

Business Self Storage

One of the most common problems for small to medium-sized businesses is a lack of space. While it may not seem like a huge obstacle, not having enough space may be keeping your company from growing to its full potential and reaching its target customers. In this post, we focus on how business self storage can be the long-term solution you’re looking for to skyrocket your brand to success.

More businesses are using self storage units

Entrepreneurs understand the importance of being organised and how it can improve work performance and sales. Because of this, small businesses have begun utilising self storage units to declutter their working space and free up room for more important operations and items.

In fact, data shows that the self-storage market in Australia generates annual revenue of more than $1 billion. That should tell you how big the industry is, and how many people actually use storage units in their day to day life.

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Reasons to Rent a Business Self Storage Space

If you haven’t rented self storage modules but wondering if they’re worth the expense, we share below the top reasons to include them in your operations:

1. For storing sensitive documents

Every business is required to keep important or confidential information in the form of paper documents, such as tax records, employee data sheets, insurance policies, and many others.

Chances are, you probably won’t need these items on a daily basis. Instead of keeping them in filing cabinets that are prone to burglaries and only take up additional floor space, keep them in a storage unit and you won’t have to think about them until you really need them.

2. For seasonal equipment, furniture, and inventory

Compared to other types of businesses, restaurants tend to have the most seasonal equipment, furniture, and inventory. So, where do you store those lavish decorations, Christmas-themed table covers, and ornaments? In self-storage units, of course.

Other items that restaurant businesses can keep in storage units include:

  • Excess inventory
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Dishware
  • Kitchen items and supplies
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Non-perishable food items

3. As a temporary location for items when relocating or renovating

Relocations and renovations are usually big projects that can be stressful for everyone, including the managers and staff. Part of the stress comes from determining where to store items temporarily so they’re safe and secure while the changes take place.

Once again, the best solution is to rent short term business self storage units in Canterbury or any Sydney area for all the furniture, office supplies, decor, and appliances.

Important considerations before renting a self storage unit for your business

Anything that involves spending the company budget shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, before you jump into renting a storage unit, think about the following:

  • How long you’ll need the storage unit for
  • Which items to store to help you determine the size of the storage unit
  • How often to visit the storage unit to check the condition of the contents
  • Whether to get climate control or not
  • Proper preparation and packing for the items
  • Getting insurance for valuable items or equipment

For any questions and concerns, call a storage facility near you

Macy’s Mobile Self Storage has worked with numerous homeowners and entrepreneurs to help them with their storage needs. If you have any questions about how business self storage can help your company, just call 1300 40 90 69.

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