5 A’s in Self Storage Tips You Need To Know

5 A’s in Self Storage Tips for First Timers That You Need to Know

It’s now about time you learn about self-storage. Rest assured it’s not an easy endeavour, but with articles that give you free information such as this one that you just found, it’ll get better. Yup, it does have its own share of pros and cons. Follow these 5 self-storage tips for first-timers and lessen the hassle of the cons. We made these tips easier for you to remember too. So, when you take on this journey, you will easily find your way.

Regardless of how’d you come to the thought, self-storage has plenty more to offer. If there is one essential need that is rarely available, aside from anything else—it’s space for your belongings. At home, business, hobbies and pretty much anything else where you use stuff that eventually turns into a pile of clutter. Therefore, you will need the services of a self-storage facility. But as aforementioned, our goal is to make the cons easier for you, and the advantages—even more beneficial. No worries even if it’s your first time.

And to do that, in this article we will give you tips that are easy enough to remember. Check out these 5 A’s in self storage tips for first timers.

1. Assess How much Space do you Need

Practicality is a universal thing. Regardless how much is your monthly revenue or income, you are still bound to the requirements of practicality. Hence, in storing your stuff, you would more likely increase your chance of lowering your expenses as much as possible. Now, as a rule of thumb, the prices vary greatly depending on the size of the space you will be renting. Thus, the smaller the size of your unit, the less you would pay. But wait. If you think you have too much stuff to store and thus these storage tips for first-timers does not apply to you, let me clarify that. I haven’t gotten to the part where I will tell you what this tip is all about.

So here it is. Gather all your belonging that you will be storing in one location. Make an approximation of how much space you will need to store it. If you are not a mathematical genius or it’s your first time on this stuff, then you may use the storage calculator. Simply input some sort of inventory of your stuff. Then afterwards, it will give you the volume of the space you will need in cubic meters.

2. Anticipate if Moving your Stuff to the Facility is Easy

Now, while you got your stuff all prepped for storing, try to imagine if you can easily move your stuff into your chosen facility. This can be a great opportunity to re-assess your facility. See to it that when the moving day of your stuff comes, it will be easy for you. So, choose a facility that will take care of the “moving part”. There are many facilities such as Macy’s Mobile self-storage that offer free delivery. All you will need to do is pack your stuff and give us a call. Then we will take care of picking your stuff up and redelivering them back to you.

3. Ask for Self Storage Tips for First-Timers from your Facility

As you move along this endeavour, I can assure you will have more and more things to think about. Hence, it would really be a lifesaver if the facility has some perks that you can take advantage of. Pick-up and re-delivery as aforementioned above can be an example. Aside from that, Macy’s also offers free blankets and lots of freebies! What’s more? We offer a very cheap rate. But if you find cheaper rates elsewhere, we will beat it by 10%. With our very own experience and competency in what we do, we can give you more tips for first-timers that will be very handy as you go about this task.

4. Arrange and Pack your Boxes like a Pro

As you pack your possessions, you will need to pack just like how professionals do it. Especially if you are planning to store heaps of belongings. Furthermore, if you are storing delicate electronic devices such as computers, it needs a more careful packing. Computers need packing methods which computer movers use. Might as well gather and learn the most useful methods and self-storage tips for first-timers that you can get. In this way, you can consume your rented space smartly whilst making sure that there will be no damage to your stuff. Label your boxes accordingly as well. This is for you to easily find stuff as you come and visit your unit from the warehouse every now and then.

5. Apply the Self Storage Tips for First-Timers that you Learned in your Preparations

At last! Preparations are done and you’re almost set in storing. Time to apply everything that you learned. All the self-storage tips for first-timers should give you an easy yet seamless transition.

Doing stuff for the first time is easy if you have guidance from the right resources. All the better if the source of insights is a well-experienced firm like Macy’s.

But wait.. there’s more!

Whenever there is a need for space, think about storage and rest easy. There are more storage solutions that you can explore. But with Macy’s, rest assured you’ll have only the best service. Read more from our blog or call us today for your questions and appointments. 1300 40 90 69.

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