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Why Trust Secure Self Storage Ermington?

Secure Self Storage Ermington

Space is a primary need, at home or in offices. As we grow and progress, opportunities bring changes to our lives. This often means more purchase of goods and stuff. For our home, it would be more furniture and decoration accessories and etc. On offices, this will be files, office furniture, equipment etc. But a certain contingency comes along the way in this process. Every item we buy for our home or for the office consumes space. And there will come a time when we run out of space for the rest of our goods. Conversely, expanding space or moving location would make perfect sense, but either process is a long shot. Ergo, we go out and find a space we can temporarily hire to store our goods. This is when you can practically take advantage of our secure self storage Ermington.

The next thing after getting a self storage facility would be checking security. Certain aspects and parameters have to be considered. Because, after storing the goods, you’d still want to use it. This is why it’s important, that they stay in a secured place when you store them.

Safety in our Modules

Your stuff will stay at our modules for most of our service period. Hence, security is vital in our modules. The design of the self storage modules was custom built primarily for the purpose of longevity and durability. It also has two lock systems; which keys will be in your possession before and after you send us your modules. Secure self storage Ermington modules guarantee a safe and secured storage of your goods. Whilst in our care, and even as you’re just packing your stuff.

Security from Mould and Mildew

We made sure that your stuff can breathe easily. Especially those made mostly or partly of wood (i.e., furniture, wooden frames, etc.) since they are prone to moulds and mildew. The natural breathing of your goods minimises the contingency of sweating, thus preventing the undesirable growth of fungus organisms. This protective method is made possible by the timber construction on our modules.

Safety from Damage on Delivery

Our packing Supplies comes with delivery blankets and bubble wraps. This should protect your stuff from scratches and other On-delivery damages. You can also watch our video to help you get an idea of the best way to pack your stuff in our modules. Secure self storage Ermington guarantees safety on delivery to and from our facilities.
You can also see to it yourself that there will be no damage during the delivery. In packing, place heavy items at the bottom. This will help ensure that your stuff will not move on the box, during transportation. We will also make sure to keep your boxes upright during the loading and unloading of the boxes.


Your goods are safe whether it rains or shines. The cover of the module is highly durable and water-resistant. So you can rest assured that bad weather should not affect delivery. The hardwood pallet base keeps the box to a certain elevation where water can’t soak it. Thus, moist ground on rainy days should neither be a problem.

Secured Facility

After your stuff has been delivered safely to our storage facility, rest assured that they stay safe until the day you retrieve them. The facility is equipped with industry-standard security and fire systems to secure your goods while you store them. Furthermore, the functionality of our security systems is being annually audited. This should guarantee that they will never fail, especially when we need them the most. Finally, our facility is also safe from pests and rodents. Therefore, you can trust that the modules are safe from infestations of any sort.

Secured Payment Method

We will secure confidentiality to the personal information which you give us, for your monthly payment. We understand the danger of phishing and identity theft. Our staff will protect you and your money. We offer secured automatic payment, direct transfer cheque or account if approved.

Self storage service that you can trust

There are plenty of self storage services out there. But the challenge is to find which facility should you trust. We fully understand the importance of your goods. And we use this knowledge to provide you with quality service.

After all, the stuff that you are storing is certainly valuable to you. The whole team understands this, and it is our inspiration in what we do. This is why you can rest easy and place your trust in Secure self Storage Ermington. We will value your trust and give you satisfactory services in return.

Check our FAQ’s page, and our services on our website for more information. Or you may also call us and let us know of your inquiries. Book your self storage needs with us. We are the best in what we do.

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