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Need some extra space? Can’t fit all your goodies into your apartment. Don’t know where to start! Can’t think past the sorting of what you’ll keep then comes the packing, wrapping delicate items, management of import things, your large furniture items, or dismantling things for safe storage. If you need self storage in Canterbury, Macy’s Mobile Self Storage has the answers for you.

Macy’s mobile Self Storage Canterbury has a user-friendly website that has in-depth videos and testimonials to assist you through the processes of packing preparing and loading into our storage modules. Don’t worry about a truck loading, unloading, carrying things down long corridors, getting lost in a maze of metal walls and doors. Macy’s self storage in Sydney bring the storage module right to you. That makes the whole process simple. Take your time to load it up, once you are done simply lock it up, and give us a call for collection. Too easy and really simple in no time you will have the whole storage job done, then sit back and relax and enjoy your newly ginned space. With such a simple relocation and storage process, you’ve saved time money, stress, and effort.

As mentioned, Macy’s Mobile Self Storage can bring lots of benefits. Aside from storing your personal and business stuff, we can also keep your garden tools. Isn’t that amazing? Whether you are just decluttering or having a renovation, we will accept it! As long as it is not included on our list of restricted items, your stuff is safe with us.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Mobile Self Storage Canterbury

1.  You can make it as an extension of your home.

When you no longer have enough space at home and you don’t have plans of disposing of them, you might just put them in a depot. Mobile self storage Canterbury has enough space for your items since our main goal is to give you an alternate solution aside from throwing them away. We understand that there are some of your belongings has sentimental value. You can find an affordable depot that will absolutely suit your budget and at the same time, keep your stuff secure.

2.  Can save you from clutter during the renovation.

Another good reason why it is good to have mobile self storage Canterbury is because you can keep your place organised during the renovation. Renting a depot when you are making a repair and installing new stuff can definitely keep your focus on a certain task. Instead of throwing all your stuff in one room, which can be difficult to arrange again, why not choose to have them stored in our facility?

3.  It can bring you peace of mind.

Once you store your belongings on our end, you can make sure that they are protected. Macy’s Mobile Self Storage facility has high-quality security that can keep an eye on your items round the clock. But of course, we don’t allow it unattended as much as possible. And that is how we take care of your items while you are having a move or just on a vacation. We can even prevent you from getting injuries when you are having a relocation. In a way that we can provide you with the right packing materials. And it can even prevent you from the hassle of blocking your ways. It may be on your hallways, stairs and even doors. How cool is that?

4.  You can manage your stocks or products.

Our mobile self storage Canterbury will also allow you to store your business products and stocks in there. Therefore, when you have old or new stocks that you still or no longer need on your business establishment, you can keep them with us! Don’t worry because you can access them anytime you want. You just have to let us know ahead of time so we can get your depot ready until you get on our facility.

What are the Common Mistakes Made When Choosing Self Storage Units Canterbury

1. Focusing too much on the price

If money is tight, it’s understandable that you would want to go for the most affordable self storage facility. The lowest price, however, may also mean that the unit and facility isn’t as secure as you need it to be.

To get the best deal, investigate all the factors and determine if you’re willing to work with what the business has to offer in light of the rental fee.

2. Not asking about climate control

When storing items that are valuable and sensitive to changes in the environment, you may be looking for long term self storage units Canterbury that have climate control.

You don’t want to open your unit after several months only to find your documents, photographs, musical equipment, and furniture damaged from the heat or mildew.

3. Not insuring belongings

Some self storage companies won’t rent you a unit unless you’ve taken out insurance for your belongings. Failure to get insurance may lead to more headaches down the road, especially if bushfires and storms are common in the area.

You may not think you need insurance, but it’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it for emergency situations.

4. Not planning ahead

This mistake is very easy to make yet has the potential to cost you the most time and money. Without a proper plan, you can end up lacking storage space and having to order another unit delivered to your place.

Moreover, you may end up spending more money than needed by packing your items haphazardly. A proper plan helps you prepare everything you need beforehand, including which packing items you need and how to organise your items to effectively use up space.

5. Not reading or understanding the contract

In order to find self-storage facilities that offer the best services, you may need to go over several contracts and closely examine the rental agreement and payment terms.

Clarify any areas of the contract that seem suspicious or poorly explained. Moreover, ask if the company is open to having a unique contract drafted that satisfies your storage needs instead of offering you the standard one.

6. Not visiting the facility

Knowing that the unit is secure and sturdy may not be enough. Take your research a step further by also visiting the facility to gather more information.

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Macy’s Mobile Self Storage has lots to offer you! We have long term and short term depots you can lease. And wherever you are, as long as it is included in our scope, you can assure that we can provide you with the kind of depot you need. Find more useful tips, hacks and articles by checking on our blog section. And if you have more questions, give us a call today and see what more can we offer you.

Macy’s Mobile Self Storage will help with all the tips hints and free wrapping blankets that Macy’s offers you know your goods will be safe and sound when you’re dealing with an expert self storage company.