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Our Mobile Self Storage Process

As a bustling business district in Sydney’s northern suburbs, Chatswood houses many commercial spaces where different businesses come and go. The need for businesses to move from one location to another is an important part of making sure they accommodate the right markets, employ the right number of people, and provide adequate space for all their crucial equipment and offices. Because of this, it is not uncommon for a thriving business to find a temporary location that can hold all their documents, equipment, and furniture while relocating. And, even after moving to a new location, some items may need to remain in storage.

Whether you are looking to scale or downsize your business, Macy’s Mobile Self Storage understands your storage needs. We are ready to provide you with the best service that can make your transition as smooth as possible. Not only do we offer you the most competitive prices in the industry, but we are also committed to giving you ease and convenience during your moving process.

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Macy’s Safe and Efficient Self-Storage Process

1. Macy’s Storage Modules are Delivered to Your Location

After you’ve determined what items you’d like to store, check out Macy’s storage calculator to find out how many storage modules you will need. Our modules are custom-built with thick wooden materials and 2 locking points to keep your items safe and secure. They come in small or large sizes. So, you can find one that will perfectly fit your size and weight requirements. Once you’ve decided on your modules, we will bring them to you at your convenient time and location.

2. You Load Your Macy’s Self-Storage Modules with Items You Want to Store

You can begin loading your items into the modules and lock them when you’re done. To prevent your items from getting damaged during storage and transport, make sure to place heavier items at the bottom, and lighter or softer items should be on top. Keep it all evenly loaded and fill in as much space as you can to tighten up the load. This will prevent things from moving around. Also, use proper packing materials, including correctly sized boxes, bubble wrap, moving blankets, etc. Label the boxes for easy identification. You can purchase packing supplies from Macy’s and ask for loading assistance from our capable and experienced staff.

3. We Collect the Modules and Transport Them To Our Secure Facility

After you’ve loaded all the things you need to keep in storage, we will collect them and bring them to our secure storage facility. Our drivers have the right experience to carefully manoeuvre the storage vehicles and make sure no harm will come to your things. We know the best routes to take to avoid traffic, road bumps, and can guarantee safe transport. And, your goods will be kept in a modern, clean, and well-ventilated space under state-of-the-art security systems, including alarms and 24-hour CCTV surveillance.

4. You Can Access Your Modules Whenever You Need To Retrieve Your Items

When the time to retrieve your items arrives, give us a call at least one day in advance. We will then make the necessary preparations to make accessing your possessions as easy and as quickly as possible. Just let us know when you’re finished getting the items you need. We will put all your other items back securely at their designated space in our storage facility.

If you have additional concerns while your modules are in storage, our friendly staff are always ready to address them. We can also give you expert advice on how you can optimize your relocation and packing procedures. When it comes to moving your business, you don’t have to spend too much money, time, or energy. You can avail of our affordable services at Macy’s Mobile Self-Storage and focus on more important aspects of relocating your business.