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Our Mobile Self Storage Process

Living in a suburb of Sydney such as Gordon can be a great experience, especially for growing families. It’s less polluted and congested than the city and your kids have access to good schools, parks, and other amenities. However, having a house in the suburbs can also take a lot of work. You need to make it a haven where your family can relax after a long day at work or school. And, if you have a little kid around the house, you’ll have to put even more effort into making sure they’re always safe and comfortable. This is why it’s crucial to keep your household items as organised as possible. However, as your family grows bigger and as the years roll on, you also gain more things that can quickly fill up the rooms in your home. And, if you don’t exert enough time and effort to keep things in order or dispose of what you don’t regularly need, it could get overwhelming. Your haven of comfort could quickly turn into a source of stress and anxiety.

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At Macy’s Mobile Self Storage, we understand how crucial it is for suburban homes to remain as clean and organised as possible. Our goal is to help you lessen the clutter around your house by offering a safe and secure location for assets you don’t regularly use. These things could be your seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, old gadgets, furniture, appliances, and other stuff you don’t want to throw but don’t urgently need. More than your household items, we can also keep your office documents, business goods, and other things you just can’t keep in your home or office.

Why Choose Macy’s Mobile Self-Storage

Although there are a lot of self-storage companies that you can choose from in Gordon, Macy’s has the best offers you can get. This is because aside from providing you with extra space where you can store your prized items, we also offer you convenience and affordable rates.

With Macy’s, you don’t have to drive your things to our secured facility. We can cover the transport for you. All you need to do is figure out how many cubes you will need, have them delivered to your home or office, and start loading your items. When you’re ready, we’ll collect the cubes and bring them back to our facility and store them safely under a state-of-the-art security system. This means, you not only get to reach your goal of getting additional storage space but also save time and money. You eliminate the need for hiring a transport vehicle large enough to fit your things and everything can be accomplished at the comfort of your home. More than that, Macy’s has all the tools you need to make the task easier.

On our website, you can find our storage calculator that will help you find out the size and number of cubes you require. We also sell packing supplies and other items to prevent damages and losses while your things are being transported and stored. Our friendly staff is also just a phone call away if you have any questions and concerns. With our services and prices, you just can’t find this kind of deal anywhere else.