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There are times in our lives when we need to be away from our homes. It could be due to military deployment, extended business travels, or even going to the university. And on this occasion, we often leave our items unattended. So, the best thing you could do is to look for a service that can watch your stuff whilst you’re away for who-knows-how-long. In fact, these days, searching for a long-term storage guide is not a problem anymore. There are a lot of guides available online and this article is one of them but with better insights. Because as a renter, you need to know some important pointers that storage users do to secure their goods. And who would want to waste their money on paying for services that don’t bring value to you? So, without further ado, here are:

6 Useful Tips for Long Term Storage

Long Term Storage Guide #1. Be sure to discuss the items you are about to store with the site manager.

Well, you would be surprised by how often people wrongly estimate the size of the storage unit they will need. This means that people tend to overpay for a unit that is much bigger than they need. Or they store their items in a unit that is too small. Well, site managers are equipped with the knowledge to help you find the best size and type of unit for your belongings. So, discussing this kind of concern with the site manager will help you get the right facility for your needs.

Long Term Storage Guide #2. Provide accurate contact details to the site manager.

Yes, it is important to give your best contact details while you’re gone. In this way, they can get in touch with you in case an emergency happens or if they’re encountering payment issues.

Long Term Storage Guide #3. Keep your linens in the best shape possible.

Cover your clothes, curtains, and other delicate items in a dust sheet or large flat container to avoid any damage or creasing. Well, you can even arrange for your unit to have a cloth rack in protective bags to differentiate them.

Long Term Storage Guide #4. Store your possessions properly.

Doing the proper way of storing all your stuff is very important.  In fact, this is also one of the ways to preserve their quality. So, always make sure to pack heavier boxes and items on the bottom part. Whilst lighter boxes on the top so that there will be no damage to the lighter items over a period of time.

Long Term Storage Guide #5. Make sure to use a climate-controlled storage unit if necessary.

For possessions that are quite sensitive like appliances, wood furniture, and other electronic equipment, make sure to use a climate-controlled storage unit. It might cost a bit but it is one way of preserving the quality of your goods. Storing them in a place where temperature and weather always changes has its own set of risk.

Long Term Storage Guide #6. Set up your payment on autopay.

Well, this is very important. We don’t want our stuff to be auctioned for not paying our rents, eh? So, better look for a facility that accepts online payments and set it to autopay. In this way, you can enjoy yourself and have one less thing you need to think about with your items left away.

Aside from freeing up your space and securing your items, it also provides a lot more benefits. You can even stack all the inventory files for your small business relocation. Just so you know, it can give you a private space for your personal items. And sometimes you don’t realise you will be storing your belongings on a long-term basis. So, if you are using a short-term storage unit, you can still switch it to a long-term deal. But before you do it, make sure that they are flexible to change your terms.

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