What to Consider When Renting Storage Units?

renting storage units

When running out of space in your home, renting storage units is a good solution. But then, authorities advise consumers to fully understand their policies when getting their service. In fact, there are several reasons why people need to rent some. To name a few, some may need short term self storage temporarily during remodelling or relocation. Others may also need to store some items that they do not use regularly. Or perhaps they are selling a house and they need to declutter to impress the prospective buyers.

According to authorities, the complaints about storage units facilities are increasing for the past years. Customers said that they were unable to access their unit after paying deposits. And their belongings were damaged while it was in their facility. Few cases also said that their items were taken from the units without their knowledge. And due to incidence, we have identified several factors to consider when renting storage units. Check this out!

Factors to Consider When Renting Storage Units

1. Rate

Well, to make sure that you are paying a reasonable amount, get written estimates from at least three facilities before renting. This will help you compare the inclusion of the rate. In addition to a monthly fee, costs can include storage preparation, padding, or transportation. There might be extra options such as electricity, pest control or even insurances. Moreover, you also need to make sure that you understand due dates and any minimum time to rent and contract renewal dates.

2. Dimensions

When renting storage units, make sure to know the size of the available unit and check if it will fit your possessions. Likewise, make sure to know if the facility has a maximum weight limit for unit contents. See to it if it’s fine to stack material to its ceiling. Well, the thing here is that you need to make sure that the size of the unit will fit all your possessions properly to avoid damage.

3. Environment

The environment is also an important factor to consider. The constant change of climate and weather could damage your stuff. In this case, consider having a climate-controlled modular storage unit for the safety of your items.

4. Insurance

The most important factor that you need to consider when renting storage units is to ensure that your things are free from any type of damages. You need to make sure that your things are insured in case of theft, fire, water, or any damage. So, including insurance of your stuff from the facility can give you assurance. Some policies may cover only the stay of your items. Check with your agent on what is covered.

5. Security Measure

Now, here’s the question you need to consider when you rent a storage space. How secure is the unit? Do the doors have a lock built-in or do you need a heavy-duty padlock? Are there any surveillance cameras on the property? Does the facility restrict access to renters or do strangers have access to the property? What about an emergency phone number? Can you call when the facility is not open? Well, better know all the answer to this for your convenience and peace of mind.

6. Agreement Policy

It is important to get everything in writing. Read and understand the contract policy and payment terms. Likewise, make sure that the facility can get in touch with you in case there is a problem with your unit or payment.

7. Access

Lastly, what are the hours and any charges for accessing your units? Is there enough parking space? How close can you park to the unit? Do the facilities offer hand trucks to help you move your possessions in and out of the unit? What about the doorways, do your possessions fit in there? Well, knowing all these things first can give you a heads-up.

Looking for a unit might not be as hard as finding the right storage facilities to rent. But with the guidelines above, you will now have an idea of the things that you need to consider when renting storage units. Likewise, when you plan to rent one, make sure to do your part and do some proper research. Just so you know, the right and good storing facilities can be an efficient and effective way to protect your stuff during the move. And with most aspects of relocation, choosing the space wisely and carefully weighing your options could potentially save you money and stress in the long run.

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