Storage Terms and Conditions

Macy’s Cancellation and Change Policy

We will accommodate cancellation and change policy as much as we can. Normally these changes are free! However, there are circumstances where there will be additional charges.

Change Policy:

Local deliveries and pick-ups – vary on date and time. Must be changed before 3 PM on the business day prior to delivery, and are free of charge. However, a $59 fee applies for changes outside of this notice period. Where delivery or pick-up arrives (i.e the module arrives as scheduled) and your module is not ready for delivery/pick-up. For failure interstate deliveries/pick-ups, a separate local delivery fee may apply.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Local deliveries: We will happily refund your reservation deposit on the condition that you notify us of your cancellation 7 days before delivery.
  • On-site storage, or local direct moves (pre-paid) – we will refund the fully paid amount if you cancel more than 7 days in advance of your day of delivery. For cancellations at shorter notice, but still, prior to delivery, we will retain a booking fee and refund you the balance of your pre-payment.

In the very unlikely event, your reservation needs to be cancelled after delivery of your module has taken place. Please note that there will be minimum charges to cover our costs (less the reservation payment taken at the time of booking).

  • Interstate deliveries – we will refund your fee in full if you cancel more than 21 days ahead of your scheduled delivery date. Otherwise, we will refund 50% of your fee after a booking has been made and the cancellation occurs inside 21 days of the day of transport.

Reasons for applying fees

We pride ourselves on offering a fantastic service and great value and we’d like you to understand why we charge fees in these instances, which is not something we do lightly. Changes at short notice result in additional work for us and therefore higher costs for our company which we cannot afford to absorb. Some examples of this:

  • Receiving late notice of a change to the schedule – we set our schedule at or after 3 PM one business day prior to deliveries. Changes after this time result in additional work (e.g. your module may have already been loaded onto vehicles). It also means that at short notice, we’re unable to re-fill this space.
  • Failed delivery/collection – means that the space on the vehicles has been allocated and results in additional time worked on the day

Please contact us if you have any questions!