Macy’s Mobile Self Storage Shipping

Once your booking is confirmed we will deliver and place your Macy’s Storage Module on the required date as per your instructions at the address nominated by you, provided it is safe, can’t cause injury or block access to third parties and it is legal to place the module in that space.

Remember you have to load and unload your Macy’s Module so consider that when looking at a location to place the module. For a guide each module takes up a similar space as to a small car and we need to be able to use our forklift to place it there or park our mobile trailers. Best places to consider are the driveway or equivalent off street parking or hold a spot or two on the street out the front of your place and we will place the Macy’s Module in those spots on the street for you to load or unload.

Wherever possible we try to place a Macy’s Module on level, solid ground, with room for you to move your belongings around the area. A Macy’s Storage Module takes up an area of 2.5m deep and 1.6m wide, so consider that space when picking your place for us to put your module. We also have to get in and out with our vehicle to put it where you want. Allowing a little more space makes it easier for you to load or unload. We wouldn’t want you to injure yourself or damage anything or anyone whilst you are moving your items in or around the work area.