Simple and Efficient Home and Office Furniture, Commercial Storage Solutions.

Self storage options for a lot or a little, for personal or business use.

Storage cubes that come to you,

Whether its home or work,

We’ll bring the best solution to you.

We Deliver – the Macy’s Storage Module to you and place it in a convenient and safe space for you. Your Macys self Storage module is custom built to last.  Constructed with a thick hardwood and plywood base to structural grade timber and plywood frame walls and roof, our modules are solid and extremely secure. With the added protection of 2 locking points on the door for your own locks. Macy’s Storage Module has been custom built from the ground up.

You Load – Your Macys self Storage module, and lock it when you’re done. To avoid damage to items during storage and transportation, place heavy and solid items on the bottom of each Macy’s Storage Module and lighter items that may crush on the top. Keep everything square and firmly loaded in your Macy’s Module. If you don’t completely fill the Macy’s Module with your items make sure you fill all the floor space of the module and things won’t fall forward or down during transportation. Fill in as much empty space as you can, use empty moving boxes to fill in space. This helps tighten up the load ensuring things won’t move around.  Use proper packing supplies, including correctly sized boxes that won’t crush or tear, bubble wrap on fragile items and moving blankets on the furniture items this will prevent rubbing or scratching.

We Collect – Your Macys self Storage module and return it to our secure facility. Your goods will be stored with all the other modules we have.

We Store – Your Macys self Storage module and will be held safe and secure in our facility. Here are a few features of our facility:

  • A modern and clean storage facility
  • State of the art security features
  • Competitive prices
  • Secure alarmed site
  • 24 hour CCTV surveillance
  • Friendly staff

Some of the Benefits you’ll get with Macy’s Self Storage Cubes

We’ll help by taking the stress out of the process, our staff are trained and understand what you are undertaking and how most people feel during this process. This is done by working the solution to your needs. You simply tell us when you need our cubes, use our calculator to work out how many you will need and we will deliver it to your door! You fill the Macy’s Mobile Self Storage Cubes and we will collect when you’re done and return to our secure facility for storage.…… How easy is that!