Long Term Storage Solutions

Long Term Storage That’s Easier, Simpler, More Secure and Best of All It’s A Money Saver.

Looking for Long Term Storage in Sydney? Macys Mobile Sydney Storage provides great savings. Our long term self storage is flexible to suit your requirements.

Macy’s Mobile Self Storage facility is perfect for you to store your belongings as long as you want. Our long term storage is suitable for household and commercial goods. It doesn’t matter how long you want the storage service for; we will take care of your valuables till you need them again.

Whether your storing family air looms, memorabilia you can’t let go of, or business assets and documentation our mobile self storage modules will suit your needs. Store as little as you need or the whole lot. Well deliver the modules for you to load and well then take it away to our self storage facility for safe keeping. The longer your goods are with us the cheaper the storage.

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We beat any price! Cheapest Sydney self storage.

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Why Choose Macy’s for Long Term Storage?

There are two main features that differ us from others. The storage is safe and the price is right, as we only charge for the space you use. No fancy aisles, lifts, meeting facilities, etc.

Our security systems which are alarmed and protected with CCTV surveillance along with 24/7 mobile security guard protection. Thus, you can be rest assured of your goods being placed in a secured and well-monitored facility. This is something you will never get from other storage companies. we have kept our pricing very competitive and provide storage solution that becomes more cost effective the longer you store with us Our 7 cubic meter modules mean that your storage requirements are fixable.

Fill as many as you need and the discounts add up, the more modules you use the bigger the long term storage discount is. Not only this, the overall price will attract further with a discount if you choose us to store your belongings for over 6 months. However, if your storage is longer than this, say a year or more, and you’ll get a much cheaper long term storage deal. How simple is that?

Your long term storage can bring you big savings with us. Also, if you book and per pay for 12 months or more we’ll give you for free all the boxes, tapes and other packing materials needed to ensure that your items are packed safely and securely, which is necessary for moving and storage.

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We Deliver – You Load – We Collect – We Store

Macy’s Mobile Self Storage is an efficient smart cost-effective solution for long term storage.

Perfect for those who are;

  • Moving house and need some storage
  • Renovating or rebuilding
  • Moving overseas and want to store the goods you don’t take
  • Need extra space and can’t let go of your belongings
  • Business Files and Archives, you can’t dispose of. 

Use Our Long Term Storage to Save, Time, Money and Unnecessary Expenses

  • We bring your module to you saving you many things like
    • Loading and Unloading a truck or van
    • Minimise the potential to damage goods by only loading them once
  • Keep your goods secure in our monitored protected warehouse
  • Discounts for long term and multiple Macy’s Mobile Self modules
  • Discounts for limited or no access required.