Short Term Storage Solutions Sydney

Short Term Storage That’s Easier, Simpler, More Secure and Best of All It’s Time Efficient.

Need short term storage that’s secure, easy and affordable? Macys Mobile Self Storage has the solution for you. With our experience helping many Australians, we understand completely that, regardless of the length of time your belongings are in storage, you want them handled with the care and protected properly, secure facilities, at the best possible rates.

That’s why, in a matter of mere minutes, you can arrange your short term storage needs with us. We’ll have your Self Storage Module delivered to your door. You can take your time packing and load your belongings into your mobile self storage module. We’ll supply protective furniture blankets for you to wrap and protect your valuables. When you’ve finished loading we’ll then store your treasures for as little or as long you want, protecting them in our alarmed, CCTV monitored secure and fire monitored private facilities that are free from dust, vermin and the elements.

Then, when you need your items back (even if it’s just a couple of weeks later), we’ll happily redeliver your self storage module, straight to your door, or any other address if required.

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Short term storage has never been so easy – all you have to do is follow our four simple steps.

We Deliver – You Load – We Collect – We Store

Our Storage Process

Macy’s Mobile Self Storage is an efficient smart cost-effective solution to short or long term storage.

Perfect for those who are;

  • Moving house and need some storage
  • Renovating or rebuilding
  • Moving overseas and want to store the goods you don’t take
  • Decluttering prior to selling your home 

Use Our Short Term Storage to Save, Time, Money and Unnecessary Expenses

  • We come to you saving you many things like
    • Loading and Unloading a truck or van
    • Minimise the potential to damage goods by only loading them once
  • Keep your goods secure in our monitored protected warehouse
  • Discounts for long term and multiple Macy’s Mobile Self Cubes
  • Discounts for limited or no access required.

Short Term Storage Sydney >>Easy, Simple, Secure and Time Efficient<<

With our experience in helping many Australians, we know what your depot needs are and what will satisfy your demands. We understand that regardless of the length of time your belongings are in storage, you want them to get stored in a safe and secured place. And at the same time, retrieve them without any damages. Good thing, Macy’s Short Term Storage has got everything you need!

One of our in-demand depot units is short term storage in Sydney which provides many benefits for you. Whenever you’re going to have a relocation, a residential or commercial move, you can absolutely avail it! You can arrange your short-term storage Sydney needs in just a few minutes! Just let us know what depot need you prefer and everything will be sorted out right away. When everything is settled, we’ll have your self-storage unit get delivered straight to your door. By leasing depot units with us, you already have a solution to your depot problem. How convenient is that?

Know more!

Our role will not stop in keeping your stuff away from getting damaged and keeping them safe. But we also guaranty that we deliver convenience on your end on the entire process. If you don’t have time to buy packing items for your belongings, you don’t have to worry! We can provide packing items and we will let you do your part with the packing itself. We can also supply protective furniture blankets for you to wrap and protect your valuables during the move and when being stored in the short-term storage Sydney. Once you have finished loading, we will then store your items in a depot for as little or as long you want.

Still Not Convinced?

When it comes to security and safety, you don’t have to worry about your stuff whilst they are not in your premise. Because our facility is protected with alarms and CCTV which is monitored by our team.  It can even prevent your items from getting burned because our facility has a fireproof feature. We also guaranty you that your items will be just as clean as when you left them when you retrieve them. Because our facility can keep your items from getting dust, vermin and the elements. So, if it bothers you storing them for a long time, you don’t have to!

Macy’s Mobile Self Storage has a team that can make your experience unforgettable when it comes to keeping your stuff on our depot facility. If you are having a business move, there is a huge chance that you need to ask for some help from experts. You can hire a quality removalist to assist you with the move. They can also be your partner in storing your belongings in a depot unit properly. Cool, right?

Need More Details?

If you think leasing depot units can’t bring you convenience, then read further. When you visit our page, there are other helpful information that you can get! You will know more about how useful when you get a depot. As well as how efficient it is to have it when you are planning a trip, renovation, decluttering, and even relocation. So, if you are still looking for a good place where you can keep your stuff, choose short term storage Sydney or other depots that will suit your needs.

What are you waiting for? Call us today so we can assist you right away! We are not only offering short-term storage in Sydney but other depots that will match your need. And if you are on a tight budget, we can give you awesome discounts and deals! So, you don’t have to worry about spending so much money. And even if you pay for cheaper fees, we make sure that you will still be happy with our customer service. Not only that but also keeping your stuff while it’s on our end.