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Bayside is a peaceful suburb with a lovely natural environment, excellent schools, pleasant neighbours, and excellent public transportation. It is also well-known in Sydney as a commercial and retail center where businesses have developed significantly to accommodate this fast-changing world. If you are operating a business in Bayside, it is important to keep up with the strong competition by being inventive and resourceful when it comes to developing business plans. Renting a self-storage unit for personal or business purposes is one of the developments you need to consider.

When most people hear the term “self-storage,” they immediately think of extra space for personal storage. Not a lot of people understand how much self-storage could contribute to the growth of a business. Others may even consider it an extra expense, but in reality, self-storage facilities offer a wealth of advantages that make them worth more than their cost. We at Macy’s self-storage can supply you with these advantages, and below are some reasons why you should consider self-storage as a business partner.

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Benefits Of Renting Macys Mobile Storage Units In Bayside

  • Self Storage Units Bayside (Pick up and Re-Deliver whenever you need it to your doorstep)
  • 2 Sizes of Storage Units Available (take as many as you need)
  • Cheap monthly costs for storage units in Bayside
  • Store as you need: A whole house, business or shop
  • Access your storage unit at any time



Convenience and adaptability are two of the best qualities that Macy’s Mobile Self-storage can provide. And, they will undoubtedly benefit any business, small or large. We provide several services to make transporting and storing your assets easier. We offer pick-ups and deliveries, which will save you a lot of time and money. Moreover, we offer both short-term and long-term contracts, so you don’t get tied into years of renting the facility. It’s also easy to avail of our services and products through our website. We can provide realistic quotes based on your company’s unique needs.


Owning a growing business is excellent news. However, it most often necessitates more office space. Instead of expanding your property or renting an additional office space, which will incur hefty costs, hiring Macy’s can be a cheaper alternative. We can keep your unused office equipment, furniture, and files, which will free up more space to accommodate your increasing assets and staff. Our self-storage facility has a far lower monthly rent than most warehouse or commercial buildings.


With everything being modernized nowadays, security systems in self-storage facilities are also keeping up. Storing your valuables in a self-storage facility is safer and more secure than keeping them entirely in your workspace. While you can secure your doors with locks or add a safe on your premises, there are assets that you just can’t keep in the office. At Macy’s, we have CCTV and alarm systems in our storage facility. Our gates, fences, and entrances are also continually monitored by security guards 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We give as much importance to security and safety as you do. We ensure the safety of your possessions from the time we pick them up at your door to the time they are stored in our facility. What’s more, all of our apartments are climate-controlled, which protects your belongings against any weather-related damages. We can avoid any hazards that are caused by insects, pests, and moulds.


Macy’s understands that one of the goals of a business owner is to conserve as much money as possible. We can help you save money, whether you’re a start-up company or a long-established, developing enterprise. We not only provide a range of storage unit sizes, but we also help you save transport costs by picking up and delivering everything to your door. You’ll never have to worry about renting moving vehicles or making costly and exhausting excursions to your storage unit again.

Whether you’re starting to build a business, or moving to another office in Bayside, Macy’s Mobile Self-storage has something for you! Visit our website to learn how we can preserve your investments while keeping you focused on your business. You can also speak directly with our friendly staff by calling us at 1300 409069.