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With its world-class beaches, majestic homes, tree-lined streets, and kind people, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is a popular choice for expats who are new to Australia. However, moving to a great neighbourhood is not as easy as it seems. Relocating, whether for a new job or family/personal reasons, can be stressful because you are uprooting yourself and all your belongings from one place to another.

A great way to minimize the work and stress that comes with moving is renting a self-storage unit. It allows you to keep your things organised while you prepare your new home. After moving, you can also keep things you seldom use in your storage unit. This way, your house can remain spacious and clutter-free. Beyond that, having your own storage unit in the Eastern Suburbs is also advantageous if you are running a business or require extra space for certain things for work or personal use.

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Benefits when using Macys Mobile Storage Units

  • Mobile Storage Units Eastern Suburbs Sydney (Pick up and Re-Deliver whenever you need it to your doorstep)
  • 2 Sizes of Storage Units Available (take as many as you need)
  • Cheap monthly costs for storage units Eastern Suburbs Sydney
  • Store as you need or a whole house, business or shop
  • Access your storage unit at any time



Compared to expanding a home or office for storage purposes, it’s a lot cheaper to get a storage unit. At Macy’s, we have affordable rates and you only have to pay for the days you use. You also get discounts for long-term storage, depending on certain conditions. With the services we offer, such as pick-up and delivery, you can save even more money. Quotes are easy to get with the instant self-storage estimator found on our website. There are also no hidden fees and charges with Macy’s, so you won’t have to worry about paying more than the estimates.


Rather than being bound by a long-term contract to rent the storage space, Macy’s Self-Storage provides both short-term and long-term rentals. You can keep your belongings for as little as 14 days or as long as you need. Within the storage facility, there are also a variety of storage sizes available, ranging from lockers to walk-in units. Customers can also store a variety of things, including household items, documents, and even corporate inventories at Macy’s Self-Storage.


If you’re concerned about particular items being from your property, storing them safely away in a storage unit can alleviate your concerns. Macy’s Self Storage has several security systems in place to keep your items safe while they are in our care. We have 24-hour CCTV surveillance cameras situated inside and outside the facility, burglary alarms, fire alarms, and keyed electronic gates. Your storage space is also secured with your padlock and no one else can access the storage module and your possessions. Furthermore, we have security guards that regularly make rounds around the facility, so any suspicious activity will be quickly detected.


With Macy’s Mobile Self-Storage, you won’t have to worry about the safe transport of your prized belongings. Macy’s employs moving experts who know how to properly check and position your things for transport, so the risks of damages and losses are minimal. Additionally, our drivers know how to safely manoeuvre through difficult roads and traffic. So, you can be sure your cubes will arrive at the storage site quickly and safely.

Whether you are relocating, or just need extra space for your business or personal use, Macy’s Mobile Self-Storage has the best services in the Eastern Suburbs for your needs. For information and free quotes, visit our website or call us at 1300 409069 and we’ll be right at your service.