Tips to Cut Back on Costs on Commercial Self Storage in Sydney

Commercial Self Storage Sydney

The self storage industry is now one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a city that doesn’t have a self-storage facility or at least one nearby. As an entrepreneur, you may also benefit from renting commercial self storage Sydney. But how do you keep yourself from overspending, and ultimately make the most out of your storage unit?

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Here are several things you can do to to get affordable mobile self storage Sydney for your commercial enterprise.

1. Get more organised.

If you haven’t tried decluttering your office, you may be surprised to find how much junk you have that’s just taking up valuable space. Moreover, not having a designated place for items can lead to even more consumption of space and unnecessary spending.

For instance, instead of buying a stapler for every desk in the office, why not have a designated area where all the commonly used office supplies are so employees know where to go if they need them?

You may need to implement a new system for employees to follow, but it also has the potential to pay off immensely in the long run.

2. Sell or rent out unused equipment.

If you know there’s equipment in your company that’s just gathering dust, ask yourself if it’s something that can be sold or rented out. If it’s taking up too much space, it may not help much to place them in a storage unit.

By selling or renting them out, at least you’re guaranteed to get back some return on your investment. Similarly, it may be better to just rent the equipment from another business, especially if you only need them occasionally.

3. Choose the smallest unit you need.

Once you’ve narrowed down your company’s items to the bare essentials and identified what needs to be stored, you can now decide on a storage unit.

When renting commercial self-storage in Sydney, always go for the smallest size that fits everything. If you find yourself having trouble filling up even the smallest unit the storage facility offers, it may be more cost-efficient to just store the items in-office and skip renting a storage unit.

4. Check for discounts or promos.

You may never know if there’s an ongoing discount or special rate on storage units if you don’t ask. For instance, there may be a promo for restaurant business owners who need to store away their seasonal decorations or inventory.

Alternatively, you may also get a reduced rate for relocation projects or get complimentary packing materials such as moving blankets, packing tape, and more.

5. Only pay for the days you use.

This is a payment structure that won’t be available from every storage facility. Here at Macy’s, we offer entrepreneurs the most cost-efficient option by letting you pay only for the days you end up using your secure self storage unit.

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Following the tips shared in this post will undoubtedly lead to bigger savings for your company. But if you want to get the best bang for your buck, you don’t need to look anywhere else.

Macy’s Mobile Self Storage offers the best rates and services when it comes to residential and commercial self-storage in Sydney. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now at 1300 40 90 69.

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