Affordable and Accessible Secure Self Storage

Affordable Secure Self Storage

If you are looking for affordability and security in your storage, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer affordable secure self-storage. Having someone else look after your belongings requires trust. And in finding a facility that you will trust your belongings with, the main thing that you might be looking after is security. Then along that is affordability. Of course, security comes with a price. Spending more just to get that might not be too practical for you. Moreover, finding both deals in a self-storage services facility might be difficult.

Luckily, Macy’s mobile storage has both values to offer in our services. Our modules have two locking points on its door for your own locks. Our self-storage facility has CCTV and the fire alarm system undergoes an annual audit. And get this, no one has access to your modules but you. We can’t even open your modules with or without your permission. How’s that for security? And you don’t need to pay that much for all that. At Macy’s we offer our services at a very cheap rate. And you can rest assured that it stays budget-friendly because there are no surprise rate increases and additional fees. When you call to book your appointment, you will be fully educated on our pricing and even be advised how to get the most of your deal.

Speaking of getting the most of what you pay for, in this article find some cool DIY tips for you to make most of your self-storage budget, plus some additional information about your possession’s safety.

How to make self-storage more affordable?

While it’s established that our affordable secure self-storage service will ensure your affordability and security, you can still do some clever ways to do more. You can try and do the following:

1. Store only those what you really need to store

By the time you find affordable secure self-storage, the tendency is you’d lose the leash and just throw in all your stuff that you thought you need storing. If you think this is true for you, then it might help to reassess your stuff. Sort it up. See if all of them really need to go. I hear you, extracting them from the pile was already a piece of work, but if you want to save, then you need the legwork.

2. Pack your things properly

Order maximises space. That much is true. And we can all agree to that. You can reduce a heap of stuff to a smaller file of organised goods. The process is really easy. Just try to do the following:

  • group similar items
  • place heavy items in the bottom
  • pack books flat
  • fill in any empty gaps with paper

3. Get the right size of a storage module

Once you get the size of that heap reduced. Time for you to settle to which size of our modules you will choose. You both do want to cram your module, but also you don’t want to pay for extra space. You can choose from either our small module or the big one. The smallest module that we have is 2.30 m deep, 1.20 m wide, and 2.16  m standing. The next small module is 2.42  m deep, 1.22 m wide, and 2.30 m standing.  If you need it a little bigger, you can have a module that is 2.30 m deep, 1.50 m wide, and 2.16 m standing. The biggest that we have is 2.42 m deep, 1.22 m wide, and 2.30 m standing.

How secured is Macy’s?

Common logic can argue that since we are affordable, we might compromise safety. Sensible and fair judgment. But we value our customers as much as we value our business. We do not want to risk losing our customer’s trust for a marketing strategy that will not deliver value to you. In fact, you may see below some details to how we value security for your belongings:

1. 24/7 Security

Our facility is guarded by security personnel 24/7. And is equipped with security cameras in strategic areas of our warehouse. Thus, your modules are heavily guarded and secured. We also exercise fire precautions and are equipped with a fire alarm system whose functionality is being audited annually by authorised auditors.

2. Monitoring

Our professional security will always check every single cube and make sure that locks are in place. If a customer forgets to lock their cube, our personnel will call the customer and guard the cube until they arrive.

3. Longevity and Durability of our modules

Our modules engineering’s design is mainly for longevity and durability. Its construction is superb and is made from durable materials that is proven to last. This was ensured due to the fact that your modules will keep your possessions while they are in our care.

4. Access to your Modules

You’re the only one that has access to your modules. And you can access it anytime you want. This can be your own way to ensure security. Although, that is your own discretion. You can trust our care for your goods.

We can work with you in achieving affordable and secure self-storage. You can do the tips given in this article and we can take care of the rest. Affordable secure self-storage is exactly what we have and so much more! Here at Macy’s we value our customer’s business and offer security and affordability and so much more. If you go through Macy’s Mobile Self Storage blog section, you’d find more helpful information about us and our services.

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