Decluttering Your Elderly Parents’ Home With Self Storage Modules

Self Storage Modules

Is your elderly parent’s home slowly becoming more cluttered and disorganised? Maybe you’re concerned about their living conditions and want to help get rid of the mess. It’s normal for our parents to want to hold on to things they value from their past, but living in a cluttered home is no way for our parents to age in place. There are several things we can do to help them, fortunately — and one of them is to use self storage modules.

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Benefits of cleaning up for the elderly

There are several perks that you and your elderly parents can enjoy when you decide to clean up their living space.

  • Increases safety – clutter may lead to accidental trips and falls for your loved one. Aside from being a mobility risk, they may also let fire easily spread.
  • Locates important items – if your loved ones suffer from dementia, losing items can be very stressful and confusing for them. Reducing their clutter can help them find what they need in less time.
  • Creates quality time – cleaning is a valuable opportunity to relive happy memories with your elderly parents as you go through the remnants of their past.

Tips when decluttering for seniors

1. Have a gameplan

Tackle one area or room at a time, especially if your parents have a lot of stuff. You can start with the places that have less sentimental or valuable items such as the kitchen or powder room.

Rushing usually isn’t a good idea, so give yourself and your elderly parents a lot of time to go over their belongings.

2. Give your senior some control

Decluttering may be very intimidating for seniors, so talk to them gently about why it needs to happen and how they would like to do it in order to mitigate stress. If they don’t want to let go of something, it’s probably best not to push them on it.

3. Let them keep their favourites

Your mom and dad may have an impressive collection from the good old days. Instead of keeping everything where they live, consider placing them in mobile self storage boxes or getting rid of the less valuable items.

If your elderly parents want them in the same house, explain that they can choose their favourite piece from each collection but that the rest has to be stored away for safety and sanitation reasons.

4. Sort everything

While going through your parents’ items, create piles for things to keep, donate, store, and throw out. For this, you may want to rent an affordable self storage unit, especially if you’re lacking space in the house to organise the items.

After determining which pile to get rid of and which to keep, store them in boxes, label them appropriately, and slowly dispatch the items your elderly parents don’t need to clear up their space.

5. Make it fun

Who says decluttering can’t be enjoyable? Put on a little music, bring out a bottle of wine, and turn the activity into another happy memory to look back to with your loved ones.

When everything is said and done, consider taking your elderly parents out for dinner as a reward. Don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back too for helping your parents declutter.

Need self storage modules delivered to your parents’ house?

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