How to Prepare Furniture Short Term Storage Properly?

How to Prepare Furniture Short Term Storage Properly

Wondering what to do with your items of furniture? Especially if you are renovating your home, living room or dining room, or temporally downsizing to a smaller apartment? Well, finding an extra space around can be a great challenge. Most people just don’t have extra space to fit a couch, extra tables or chairs. Thus, convenient access to a furniture short term storage unit might be the solution for you.

Yes, it’s true that storing furniture in a compartment facility can be a stressful experience. Thinking that most of us give value to it. We want to do everything we can just to make sure that it comes out of the unit in perfect condition. Likewise, it is important to properly prepare your furniture short term storage the right way. Most especially if you plan to leave it for several months.

After all, nobody wants a cracked table or a sofa covered in dust and mildew. Hence, to avoid these issues, follow this tip on how to prepare furniture short term storage properly. And take your worries away as you store them in the right place.

4 Helpful Ways to Do to Properly Prepare Your Furniture Short Term Storage

1. Disassemble your furniture to ensure smooth transport.

If you have checked and review what furniture you intend to store in your unit. You may look for the user’s manual and determine if you can disassemble them. Generally, this involves removing the drawers from the dressers, the beams from the bed frames, the cushions from the sofa or even the legs from the table.  As such, drawers, in general, can be very useful spaces for smaller items. Whatever part of the furniture can be disassembled, disassemble it to safe space when you store it in your unit.

And to avoid a lot of nuisances for the moment you unpack them, you should group and wrap their base on the components they belong in the furniture. Make sure to put a clear label to avoid problems. Yes, disassembling it will not only be easier to arrange, but it will also render transportation seamless especially if you planning for office removals.

2. Make sure to clean your furniture first.

Before storing your item in your furniture storage unit, make sure to clean them first. If there are spots or stains on your couch, have it professionally cleaned before storing. Even if there are no visible stains it’s a good practice to give your furniture a final wipe. And after the cleaning, make sure to let it dry completely before storing it so that those areas do not become discoloured. Note that storing items that are not properly clean might cause your belongings to get mildew and future damage.

3. Wrap your Furniture with protective covers.

Once you’re done cleaning your furniture, its time to determine which protective materials are necessary to use in wrapping it. Bubble wrap and a blanket is the ideal solution for covering your furniture. And in case you intend to store furniture that features wood or fabrics, then stay away from using plastic wrapping materials as they tend to suffocate these surfaces.

Covering your furniture with protected materials will help it avoid damage and dust as it will be stored in your modular self storage unit for a couple of times.

4. Create your blueprint for how you will arrange and organise your Furniture.

Creating a floor plan on how to organise your furniture in your storing unit will help you minimise the availability of your space. Professional suggests that in planning for arranging your furniture, you need to keep some space between your items so air can flow and items will be protected from any damage.

The key to storing it safely in furniture short term storage units is to pay attention to how to prepare and organise things before storing it for several times. Giving a bit of time to organise things will give you the assurance that your valuables are safe and sound at the time it stays in a self storage units up until you will retrieve them. Following those tips above will help you acquire the result you want to achieve.

Are your interested in storing some of your furniture?

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