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Self Storage Rental Guidelines: Things You Need to Know

Let us say that you need a safe place to store all the things that you value the most. It could be your baseball card collection, grandma’s antique dresser, or that sweet leather sectional couch that won’t fit in your house. So, how should you get these treasures a room to stay? Well, if your house can’t hold any of this stuff anymore, no worries! There’s a thing called self-storage rental. Well, experts say that in addition to considering the size and price of storage, you should also look for some important attributes of a secure and cheap storage unit.

This article will give you a clear picture of what are the things you need to look into before getting any self-storage rental companies out there. So, before taking any action, check and review if they have the following attributes below.

5 Self Storage Rental Guidelines That You Need to Know

1. Excellent Customer Service

A good company should deal with their clients in a friendly manner.  You’ll find it how they treat their clients by getting in touch with them. Whether thru email or via a phone call, customers should be treated with great respect. And of course, they should be able to answer all the questions thoroughly and efficiently. Failure to give straight answers and a lack of organisation in the office is a big no-no according to professionals. So, make sure to check that the self storage rental company has a good customer service.

2. Hands-On Manager

The other thing that you need to look into is if they have an on-site and hands-on manager. They’re the ones who interact with clients and give solutions to their needs. Well, having an active manager on-site is ideal. Just so you know, that if ever a problem arises, there will be a fast response of action to solve the issue.

3. Clean Self Storage Rental Facility

One of the good ways to spot a good self-storage rental company is by looking around in the whole facility. Well, there should be no evidence of pest infestation, broken locks, doors, damaged roofs, walls, dangling electrical cords, water flow, and mildew or mould growth. See to it that the grounds are not only maintained but also clean. Remember that a clean facility is a direct indicator of how the staff will handle your possessions.

4. Emergency and Disaster Management Facilities

Well, like any other premises, self storage rental is also vulnerable to disasters. For instance, it could be lightning, fire, and floods. However, an excellent storage facility should have relevant disaster management tool like lightning arrester, fire-fighting gear and much more.

5. Enhance Security Measures and Convenient Accessibility

Last but certainly not the least that a good facility should possess is having a safe and secure environment. Well, in fact, it should be fully fenced and equipped with gates and locks. Moreover, a monitoring station, surveillance cameras, perfect lighting, and individual door alarms should also be in the facility. And yes, an on-site manager and a night patrol are also important to seal any holes in the security system.

It is also an advantage if the storage facility is conveniently accessible at any time. So, whenever the client needs their possessions for whatever purposes, they could attend to their needs. Perhaps, it could be for their office removals or whatever reason they have why they need to access their stuff. Nevertheless, it should be stealthy to avoid being accessed by anybody, as that will make the unit vulnerable to thieves.

Self-storage rental companies should have the needed tools for handling goods, for instance, furniture carts and cranes. Apart from reducing handling wastage, these tools also minimise handling expenses. Knowing that all facilities are not the same, you should determine your choice based on your needs. Likewise, make sure that the one you settle for offers all the attributes above. And also, make sure that all the workers are well-skilled and properly trained in handling different types of items.

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