Ways on How to Find Cheap Long Term Storage


Whatever circumstances you are in, whether you are moving into the city or you just need to have a good place for your valuable belongings, the long term storage unit is the right solution for you. Not only on space solutions but also if you are on a tight budget, you can find cheap long term storage anywhere.

However, do you already have an idea on how to look for cheap long term storage? If not, this article will help you figure out the easy ways on how to do it. There are actually many things that you have to consider when renting depot units. And this is just one of the things that are included to it. And as mentioned, we have narrowed down the list for you so it will be much easier for you to grasp it.

8 Ways on How to Find Cheap Long Term Storage

1. Look for the facilities that are a bit farther from your location.

You may already be aware it that many depot renters are ready to pay a premium for a nearby location. However, this is an advantage if you really necessarily need to access the items you are going to store in it. That is why it is much better to look for a depot facility that is away from your place since the rates and will be more likely lower.

2. Don’t avail for the climate control if you don’t need it.

If you are not going to store fragile things, artwork or electronic devices, then getting a climate control depot is not advisable. And this will give you a bigger chance to get cheap long term storage.

3. Say no to drive-up access.

For you to make sure that you can have cheap long term storage, ask your friends or relatives to help you with hauling your thing upstairs or building. This is a wise activity to do apart from getting the convenience of the drive-up depot. And to think that it may provide convenience to you somehow yet, it can also bring you some drawbacks. Like when you badly need to access it in the middle of the bad weather and you don’t have other choices.

4. Pick the smallest depot as much as possible.

You can save space if you know how to pack efficiently and organise your depot accordingly. In that way, you can fit all the items you want to keep in the depot unit. This can be a great solution if you prefer to avail cheap long term storage depot. The same approach when you have to arrange and at the same time, set up your home neatly by using different storages.

5. Buy your own padlock.

It is much better to purchase your own lock instead of buying the one that the depot company is offering you. Because you can only use it during your lease period, not for a lifetime. Just guaranty that you will buy the high-quality one and won’t be easily broken.

6. Pay up front.

Know first how long or short do you really need to store your items in a depot. Because if you already determine it, you can get discounts once you pre-pay your lease. Just check and be sure that you also have a choice to extend your rent if the circumstance demands.

7. Commit to a long term lease.

In relation to the above details, having a long term lease, like for a year or so, can be a better decision. Because there are many companies that offer a discount for the first month or for free with pre-payment. And once you extend it for a longer term commitment, they can possibly give you a much bigger discount.

8. Compare your choices.

Before you decide on choosing the term and the type of depot you need, almost the same idea if you are looking for the local moving company, better make a comparison first. So you will not end up to the wrong choice and prevent yourself from getting bad experiences when it comes to storing items or relocating.

By following the above ways, it will be simpler and easier for you to find affordable depot units. Macy’s Mobile Self Storage can provide you with lots of options that will surely suit your needs. Give us a call today for more details.

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